Eradicate Hate Global Summit 2022 - Posters

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The Eradicate Hate Global Summit 2022 featured posters showcasing anti-hate related research being conducted by members of the Collaboratory Against Hate.

Poster titles & authors:

  • The Spatiotemporal Reach of Hate Narratives -Ahmad Diab (University of Pittsburgh), Michael Miller Yoder (Carnegie Mellon University), Yu-Ru Lin (University of Pittsburgh)
  • NextGen Project: Using Science of Learning to Combat Racism - Anna Fisher (CMU), Catarina Vales (CMU), Shawn Alfonso Wells (UPitt), Rachel Hopkins (CMU), Amanda Lee (CMU), Ming-Te Wang (UPitt), Liz Miller (UPitt), Christina Scanlon (UPitt)
  • The Relationship Between Antisemitism and COVID-19 Conspiracy on Twitter - Grace Garner, Madeleine McGrann, Maja Lynn (UPitt), Daniel Klug (CMU), Rachel Kranson (UPitt), Michael Miller Yoder (CMU)
  • Exploring Values-Based Interventions for Preventing Online Hate - Hana Habib, Likhitha Chintareddy, Geoff Kaufman (CMU)
  • Algostrategies of Hate: Identifying User Practices for Spreading Viral Racism on TikTok - Christina Scanlon (UPitt), Daniel Klug (CMU), Jeffrey Tienes & Jane Walsh (Pennsylvania Western University), Sheyda Demooei & Chelsie Hall (ViralMoment), Alice Huguet (RAND Corporation), Ming-Te Want (UPitt)
  • Research Needs for Countering Extremist Hate - Michael Miller Yoder and Hana Habib (CMU)
  • How Hate Speech Varies by Target Identity: A Computational Analysis - Michael Miller Yoder, Lynnette Hui Xian Ng, David West Brown, Kathleen M. Carley (CMU)

Poster presenters at the Eradicate Hate 2022 Summit


Collaboratory Against Hate Affiliated Researchers